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This past year I found myself in a difficult place. Life had taken an unexpected turn. I was forced to make some life changing decisions that I was totally unprepared for. Had it not been for the warm professional courtesy, and the legal guidance given to me by you and your team of competent staff, I am quite sure my life would still be in turmoil.

I am grateful for the personal time and attention given to me. Never did I feel that I was just "another client". This resulted in a quick resolve which led to the peace that I am now living. My hat's off to you Shelly and your team. May God richly bless you in all of life's endeavors.

Sincerely Yours,
- T. W.

I never thought that one day I would be in a situation to where I would need legal assistance again. I thought that I was done with needing a lawyer when I received custody of my daughter several years back. I did not think this because I was naïve, but because I knew my life choices and direction did not put my daughter at risk or in danger. Perhaps it was more of the fact I obtained custody primarily on poor life choices of my ex-wife and mother to my daughter. Then a couple of years after having custody of my daughter I was subjected to a legal attack for custody. It was then that I met Shelly Durham. A friend had gone through custody issues before and referred me to Shelly. Our first meeting was not too dramatic and thanks to my ex-wife's repetitive life choices we did not need to meet for much longer.

A few years later, I was subjected to another custody attack. This one was extremely devastating to me and my family. It was during this time I would say that I got to know Shelly and her staff. It was this time that I felt sincerity and compassion that in today's world you would not expect from most people to say nothing about the stereotype associated with a lawyer.

Over the course of the next few months Shelly and her staff worked with a focus on helping me in my situation. Her staff was very helpful in providing support for obtaining documents needed to prove up our side, but even more, just being there when the whole ordeal seemed too much for me mentally. I could tell that Shelly and her team were emotionally tied to my case and were there to ensure that ONLY Truth and the pursuit of Justice were to be the end result and goal to my unfortunate situation.

I am extremely fortunate that I was referred to Shelly. I feel that I was extremely lucky to have found an extremely Compassionate and Understanding Lawyer to include her staff. They were there for me Mentally, Emotionally, and were sensitive to my Financial situation. I might not ever be able to thank them enough, but perhaps my testimonial will help. I do know that if you are looking for someone to stand in your corner and you are in the right then Shelly is a great person and Lawyer to have on your side.

Thank you Shelly and Jenny for being there!

- a Father who is forever grateful

Shelly Durham has represented me in a very complicated case involving my child for several years now. Mrs. Durham's experience, superior work ethic and caring nature set her apart from other attorneys. On several occasions, I have needed to reach her under emergency circumstances and she has always been available to help me through those situations 100% of the time. I am confident in Mrs. Durham's ability to protect my rights as well as my daughter's and am grateful to have an attorney that shows compassion towards my family during these trying times.
- S. L.

Shelly Durham was my divorce attorney and was the most competent, compassionate and supportive person to have on my side during the most difficult time in my life. I will always hold her in the highest of regards and would refer my friends and family to her.
- S. S.

Shelly and her staff are wonderful to work with! All questions I have are always answered promptly and thoroughly by Shelly. Shelly takes a very realistic approach to my case, and its associated problems. She has always told me the way things are, without fluff or pretense. I like and appreciate that kind of honesty. Although full of tact, Shelly is a real fighter. She is not afraid to "take the gloves off," in battling for me and for what is best for my family.
- M. A.

It is a pleasure to recommend and promote Shelly Durham. I was very fortunate to be referred to Ms. Durham's firm by a close friend. Shelly and her staff provided me with excellent advice based on thorough knowledge of Texas Family Law. Throughout the trying months of my divorce case, Shelly proved again and again that I had hired the right attorney for MY case. Shelly and her assistant were thorough and compassionate as they helped me through obstacles that could have overwhelmed me. Ms. Durham fought for me aggressively and professionally every step of the way. The final result was more in my favor than I expected. I could not be more pleased with the representation I received from Ms. Durham's firm. I recommend them for any family law case in Harris and surrounding counties. I would be happy to speak with any potential client of Shelly Durham and share my honest opinion. - L. K.